About Us

Established in 2002, Lotus Love Beauty handcrafts 100% vegan personal care and candles in our studio in North Park, San Diego. The most pure and exotic oils, herbs, botanicals, and spices from around the world have been curated to accentuate inner beauty through aromatherapy and traditional Ayurvedic and yogic philosophies. All of our products are made fresh-to-order in small batches. Our signature blends are inspired by distant travels, the warmth of the sun, the power of the ocean, romance, and all that is divine.




About the Founder


Jessica Gulati, founder and creative director of Lotus Love Beauty, has been a designer in the personal care and wellness industry for more than twenty years. She’s a true artist who finds passion working with her hands as an alchemist, herbalist, gardener, crafter, sewer, welder, and ceramicist—we refer to her as a blissologist! She makes it a point to take time out to enjoy yoga, the ocean, and traveling the globe. As a student of Reiki, she studies and practices energy transference. She believes that it is through the attunement to higher knowledge and spiritual consciousness that we are able to properly guide our life energy to create positive personal and global change. Gulati’s roots are grounded in her Indian descent and culture. She was born in Los Angeles and raised in both California and India. She speaks Hindi and Punjabi and travels back to India at least once a year to reconnect with her native country and renew her spiritual essence. While she’s there, she sources raw Ayurvedic ingredients for Lotus Love Beauty at the very same shop her grandmother bought her ingredients. Lotus Love Beauty is the true embodiment of her East-meets-West philosophy and a personal manifestation that she eagerly wants to share with others.