The Shanti Project

Lotus Love Beauty supports The Shanti Project through its charitable contributions. A portion of the proceeds from every Lotus Love Beauty sale benefits The Shanti Project. The word Shanti means “Peace” in the Hindi language, and it is in this spirit that The Shanti Project acts to celebrate inner peace and beauty with a desire to initiate positive change in the world. It was the dream of Lotus Love Beauty’s founder, Jessica Gulati, to create a company that gives back to those in need by offering contributions to socially conscious projects and organizations. From when she was a little girl, Jessica has traveled all over the world with her family to the most obscure destinations—remote villages in Korea, Buddhist temples in Japan, Muslim mosques in Indonesia—with the purpose of learning that we are all one. Travel made a huge impact on her, and she promised herself that she would help in any way she could. Lotus Love Beauty’s mission statement is “made by hand, serve by hand.” The Shanti Project brings this to life through visits and contributions to schools, orphanages, and health clinics around the world. International projects range from supplying school children with new textbooks to buying appliances we take for granted such as refrigerators and lamps for families living in poverty. We also support the less fortunate in our own community by making and handing out healthy, homemade bagged lunches.  This is all made possible by the beautiful people purchasing Lotus Love Beauty products. We believe that by being more collectively conscious: Aware of our thoughts, words, actions and energies, we can make a difference. So go ahead—accentuate your inner beauty!