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Palo Santo and Selenite

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Three ritual bundles to choose from: 

3- 4" Palo Santo Sticks bundled with Kalava String

3- 3" Selenite Wands bundled with Kalava String

6- 4" Palo Santo Sticks & 3" Selenite Wands bundled with Kalava String. Packaged in a hand block-printed bag. 

*Sizes may vary due to the nature of product.

Selenite wand: Aids in personal transformation by drawing down light from the higher realms. This universal, high vibration crystal cleanses your aura and clears the way for new, healing energy to pass through.

Palo Santo Stick: Nicknamed “holy wood,” this revered tree cleanses away negativity and grounds personal energy to invoke a meditative state.

Tied with Kalava string, a sacred thread to tie on the wrist. The knot holds love, protection, and goodwill for the wearer.

To use Palo Santo: Holding one end of the palo santo stick, light the opposite end using a match or lighter. Allow it to burn (watch your fingers!) for 30 seconds, then blow out the flame. Move the stick around the area you wish to clear, letting the smoke cleanse away any negative energy. The stick will burn out on its own, but make sure to let it burn out completely before setting it on any flammable areas. You can place it in a metal or ceramic surface to allow it time for the embers to die.  Make sure to set new intentions to fill your cleansed space!