{Moksha} Liberation - Sandalwood & Incense Wish Kit

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Manifest your deepest desire with Lotus Love Beauty’s Wish Kit!

Each kit includes 1 of each:

    • Beauty Bar, .75 oz: Cleanse and hydrate your skin with our luxurious soap.

    • Body Oil, 1 oz.: Massage yourself with our nourishing, pure and natural oils.*

    • Soy Tin Candle, 4 oz: Hand-poured with 100% non-GMO soy wax and pure oils.**

    • Selenite wand: Aids in personal transformation by drawing down light from the higher realms. This Universal, high-vibration crystal cleanses your aura and clears the way for new, healing energy to pass through.

    • Palo Santo Stick: Nicknamed “holy wood,” this revered tree cleanses away negativity and grounds personal energy to invoke a meditative state.

    • Kalava: Sacred thread to tie on the wrist. The knot holds love, protection, and goodwill for the wearer.

    Each set is packaged in a reusable, hand block-printed bag. 

* Body Oil Ingredients: sweet almond oil, tocopheryl acetate and  tocopherol (Vitamin E), essential oil and fragrance blend.

** Please note: We use 100% soy wax to provide a non-toxic, clean burning candle. As soy wax cools, it can pull away from the glass and create an effect known as "frosting" which looks like air bubbles. This is completely normal and to be expected. In fact, it's a easy way to tell if your candle is 100% soy, as some companies will add a small amount of paraffin or other additives to eliminate this effect.


6 wishes available:

{Satya} Truth - Lavender & White Sage. Unveils clarity.

{Ananda} Bliss - Citrus & Saffron. Achieves peace and contentment.

{Surya} Sunrise - Hibiscus & Marigold. For a new day and a fresh start.

{Pritti} Love - Jasmine & Rose. Evokes romance.

{Moksha} Liberation - Sandalwood & Incense. Sets your soul free.

{Shakti} Energy - Verbena & Coconut. Invigoration to accomplish all your goals.