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Wish Kit

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Manifest your deepest desire with Lotus Love Beauty’s Wish Kit!

Each kit includes 1 of each:

    • Beauty Bar, .75 oz: Cleanse and hydrate your skin with our luxurious soap.

    • Body Oil, 1 oz.: Massage yourself with our nourishing, pure and natural oils.*

    • Soy Tin Candle, 4 oz: Hand-poured with 100% non-GMO soy wax and pure oils.

    • Selenite wand: Aids in personal transformation by drawing down light from the higher realms. This Universal, high-vibration crystal cleanses your aura and clears the way for new, healing energy to pass through.

    • Palo Santo Stick: Nicknamed “holy wood,” this revered tree cleanses away negativity and grounds personal energy to invoke a meditative state.

    • Kalava: Sacred thread to tie on the wrist. The knot holds love, protection, and goodwill for the wearer.

     Each set is finished with a gold bow and ready to be gifted.

* Body Oil Ingredients: sweet almond oil, tocopheryl acetate and  tocopherol (Vitamin E), essential oil and fragrance blend.


6 wishes available:

{Satya} Truth - Lavender & White Sage. Unveils clarity.

{Ananda} Bliss - Citrus & Saffron. Achieves peace and contentment.

{Surya} Sunrise - Hibiscus & Marigold. For a new day and a fresh start.

{Pritti} Love - Jasmine & Rose. Evokes romance.

{Moksha} Liberation - Sandalwood & Incense. Sets your soul free.

{Shakti} Energy - Verbena & Coconut. Invigoration to accomplish all your goals.